Summer Wedding Extra Tips

Sunshine, warm breezes, and the promise of endless celebration – summer weddings hold a special charm. But with the heat comes the responsibility of ensuring your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Fear not, future brides and grooms! This guide is packed with unique summer wedding ideas to make your big day truly unforgettable.

Trying to find summer wedding ideas to make your big day unforgettable? There are so many unique ways to elevate your celebration. From summer florals and décor ideas that fit with the season, to refreshing reception bites, there’s no shortage of ways to infuse the best of summer into your wedding.

Favours – Welcome bag

When it comes to planning a summer wedding, keep in mind that you’ll be dealing with higher temperatures and UV rays. Fans, flip-flops, sun protection mist, and sun hats are a great and useful favours that will be appreciated by your guests. You can also put it together into a welcome bag filled with essentials like bottled water, snacks, schedule for the wedding weekend, sunscreen, and bug repellent.

As mentioned, welcome bags filled with essentials are a fantastic way to show your guests you care. Here are some additional ideas to consider:

  • Cooling Comforts: Include mini bottles of sunscreen, bug spray, cooling facial mist, and hand wipes.
  • Fashionable Function: Pack personalized fans, sunglasses, or flip-flops that your guests can use and keep as a memento.
  • Local Delights: Showcase the local flavors with treats like mini bottles of local wine, small bags of local nuts or dried fruit, or even custom-made cookies with your wedding theme.

Cocktail hour and Ice cream

Creative signature cocktails—like popsicles in Prosecco or sangria stations, can help guests battle the heat and quench their thirst. You can also swap the traditional wedding cake for ice cream to give guests a sweet, chilled treat at the reception.

Keep Your Guests Cool and Comfortable

  • Hydration Station: Beat the heat with a dedicated hydration station. Offer a variety of refreshing beverages like iced tea, lemonade, flavored water, and even chilled fruit-infused water. Consider displaying them in beautiful dispensers or mason jars for an added touch of charm.
  • Shade Solutions: Provide shaded areas for your guests to escape the sun’s peak intensity. Utilize umbrellas, pergolas, or rent tents with sides that can be raised or lowered depending on the weather. Strategically placed fans are also a thoughtful gesture.

Casual Pre-party or Day after at the Beach

Summer is all about letting the good times roll, so host a casual open air pre-party with domestic light food, local wine and live music. When it’s scorching hot outside, most people crave light, cool bites. Create a light and fresh appetizer spread of delicious cheeses, charcuterie, vegetables, and other treats for guests to graze.

Pool or beach party is a perfect way to celebrate your marriage the day after the wedding. A barefoot celebration on the sand is the perfect way to end thus perfect wedding weekend. Give your guests fun activities to do besides lying on the beach. Organize a boat trip, go snorkelling, discover the destination by a speed boat. Make sure there is enough of refreshing drinks by. In case you’re staying at resort organize a pizza party at the pool area. Throw some pool floats in the water for a playful take on décor.

Refresh the Reception with Bite-Sized Delights:

  • Light and Seasonal Fare: Opt for a lighter menu that reflects the season’s bounty. Think fresh salads, chilled soups, grilled meats and seafood, and colorful vegetable platters. Consider offering smaller portions and passed hors d’oeuvres to keep guests cool and prevent them from feeling weighed down.
  • Sweet Summer Treats: Ditch the heavy cake and opt for a dessert bar featuring seasonal fruits, ice cream sundaes, or a variety of mini pastries. Popsicles, frozen yogurt, and a signature summer cocktail can also be a delightful way to end the evening.

Vibrant Colours- Fresh Fruit- Seasonal Flowers Décor

Our favourite summer wedding ideas tend to be bright, unexpected, and fresh. Add citrus fruits, to that chic centrepieces and bring lots of colour and texture to tables. Summer is truly all about colour and one way to add it to your tables is with coloured candles which will add a vibrant splash of fun and create mood lighting when the sun goes down. We love how these brightly coloured florals that will level up every table set up and white plain cake.

  • Blooming Beauties: Let summer florals take center stage! Opt for vibrant blooms like sunflowers, lilies, and dahlias. Play with textures by incorporating greenery and soft filler flowers. Think loose, cascading arrangements and centerpieces that are both eye-catching and airy.
  • Light and Breezy Accents: Fabrics like chiffon, linen, and gauze create a light and breezy feel. Drape fabric over ceremony chairs or incorporate it into table runners for a touch of effortless elegance. Woven baskets and seashells can add a touch of coastal charm, while lanterns strung with fairy lights create a magical ambiance after dark.
  • Pops of Color: Don’t shy away from bold summer colors! Think sunshine yellows, coral pinks, turquoise blues, and pops of lavender. These hues can be incorporated into your décor, wedding stationery, flower arrangements, and even bridesmaids’ dresses for a cohesive and vibrant look.


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